Let us make your special gift!  Create a Gift Box of four soaps of your choice, tell us what you would like on the gift label, and we will send it direct to your recipient. Each set comes in a gift box on a bed of 'straw' (recycled coffee cups), a note from us about the wonderful soaps they are receiving, an attractive raffia/paper ribbon tie and a handwritten tag. 


Step One:     Make one choice from each of the 'Choice' drop-down menus.

Step Two:     Fill out the 'Personalised Handwritten Tag Message' 

Step Three: At Checkout, tell us the address of your recipient. 

Personalised Four Soap Gift Box

SKU: GB42021
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  • All our soaps are:  vegan, GMO-free, palm-free. We  use no artificial colours, preservatives or fragrance.   All our products are cruelty-free: no animals ingredients are used in this soap or its production and no child or animal labour is used in the production of the ingredients. We check our supply lines scrupulously for documentation to assure that our suppliers are meeting our standards. 
    Responsibly sourced ingredients: we do not use certain essential oils or any other ingredient on the endangered species list or ingredients that come from a limited resource. We use the IUCN Red List to assess the status of our plant ingredients.

    Our packaging is 70% ecycled packaging, 100% recyclable and plastic-free.




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